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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant is much wiser than I
I don't know how she does it, how she knows
But she does and I have come to trust her words
Not really words, but thoughts transmitted to me
Or more so feelings and so I feel her intent.

And so, as she is the big protective beast
She leads her loves to safety and holds them there
And when the danger has passed, she looks around
And smiles and then walks forward, plodding along
Leading all to her succulent grounds.

She has an inert wisdom of where she needs to be
At any given time and at this time she goes to the river
She sinks into the waters and then quite playfully
Sprays all those around her, laughing in her delight
She holds all close to her in her might.

It is a cleansing time for all who have come
A playful time of tenderness and care
A rejuvenating, a release of all that is past
A time of reveling and just to enjoy
She then goes to feed upon the eager trees.

She never looks back, only ahead...

Love, Deb
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