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Default The Big Elephant

And so it is
That I allow myself
To be taken to points
Beyond what I have ever known


Questions always, I ask
As new questions arise
From my previously answered questions
And still,

...I wonder

There seems to be no ending
To the answers of my unasked questions
And yet I trace the mode of fashion
With my own self's knowing

...And I continue

Confronted I am within my ownself
And the knowings that seem to be
Emerging within me, slowly seeping
Walking across my heart

...and I hear

The Big Elephant speaks
Triumphant in her presentation
Wondering why I didn't get it before
Looking at me in wonder, herself

...sighing then

Oh then, I hear that silent voice
She will get it in time
And I, wondering what time is
Continues to grasp for my unknown

...eating grass

Yes, that is what I see
The Big Elephant eating grass
Leisurely grasping for
Yet another twig


I am coupled with myself
Holding to all that I know
And still wondering
Where does the next twig come from my face

Love, Deb
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