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Red face Sigh,

I saw that thread breaking and caught the other end,

to tie it back together for a dear darling friend.

Jumping to conclusions,

entertaining delusions.

A favorite pastime spinning wheels,

creating illusions that are not real.

We get ourselves into a tither,

upset to calling "come hither!"

and, "Show me what it is that you mean!"

The truth is quit opposite on what we'd expect,

of love quite complete in every respect.

So afraid of loosing we are loosing our mind,

sharing a madness both false and unkind.

Thank goodness for us the opposite is true,

the healing occurs with time rolling through.

We see this madness cause no ones at fault,

two lonely hurt children locked away in a vault.

So in angst and anguish we tend to flip out,

ranting and raving as we feed every doubt.

So remember each time this happens we grow stronger in faith,

and in each other we shall find our place that is safe.
Love, Michael, The Valkyrie
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