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Default Good Morning KnBlutz

I love your post this morning. This quote took my attention: "He has tried very hard to balance his karmas...with educating his two daughters....letting them marry whom they love...and actually teaching his grandaughter english....for the future of his lovely country....and their survival as they enter they economic growth with the world markets." I am not reading this thread in its meaning....except I am trying to follow it.
I got a lot out of it. Thank you. It is an exhibition of how you apply the knowledge to mind body and spirit and soul. Thank you for the uplifting reminder. I feel there are some political messages with your post that are very current with my thinking and I know you are a help. So thank you for seeing through another presence, reflecting your own unabated enthusiasm so I can see through my own. Life is about planning and harmonious development as well as the guidelines of imagination. Conceptual thinking at its best.

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