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Originally Posted by knblutz
Dear Everyone

As I have been continuing my path on mending the past and healing the future ...the following vision is was shown to my room...on my own...without the aid of hypnotherapy. As you all know...this has been a three year progression...leading me to find my past souls...hence to heal the Now...leading me to go forward...towards ascension.

To realize these events...not only releases me from the Karma...but enables me to heal my spirit in the present by asking and receiving forgiveness.

These words...are the words I heard and I recalled my vision and sawmost of what happened as I walked in the garden, in the period of Colonial India...l860's?

This was a very short vision with many things happening at once...Lord Krishna was calling me also...maybe to distract me from any bloody events...for you know I am of the possitive heart only...

The woman I saw....wearing a wide brimed hat and long dress of that period..I knew I was a British subject and not the Hindu's past wife...that I also thought I was....during my last visit to India in 2005.

I lived in a very substantial household...with Indian servants...horses...and the most beautiful gardens. It was a personal sanctuary in a hostile environment as I thought the native people were beginning to resent us.

My Blue vision of Krishna was much more appealing and I started to go towards the blue heaven of the this most honourable divinity.....

I still don't understand the circumstances...looking back...I can see now my afinity with India....longing to live there again..

What I remember was being at the Taj Mahal....september first trip to India...invited by my friend Mahipat...whom I had met l5 yrs ago at the los angeles Clinic where we both had our sons...for a conference on hearing loss

Many families came from all over the world...every summer...we were two of 25 families from 12 countries... we were at the Taj...exiting the great mosleum of the great Arjumand and her husband Shaj Jahan...i remember thinking how quiet is was...."Oh..if there was just some ravi shakar....or a violin...or Celine...singing"...hahaha

Suddenly, a small boy, back about 200 yrds..started to sing.....well i started to cry and my friend, monty said..."Oh your mind is so easy to read"....

Of course i said..."What is he singing....the boy was singing a song..."If this is your last life on earth...Let it be in India"

Hence....I knew that I had been in India before...and had my first vision of the great halls...with a silvery man standing outside....waiting for my quest.

So Osiris.....I suppose you are the link to my question...and of course that would be...Do you remember being in India? and if so....I suggest you ask me some more you may impart some knowledge that will help me to put some of my past lives into perspective.

Our Underworld is fillled with many past lives...buried deep in mother earth...not in the dark crevasse's that most would think....just waiting to be brought to light....and asked for forgiveness and immerse into the now...

Love Kris
empress of the east

I knew I had a life in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan as a soldier in Her Majesties Colonial Service as a light Cavalry Officer. So, when I first found out your relationship with "The Jewel In The Crown", India, I became even more fascinated with you, particularly when you described the feelings you had toward the landscape, and India on the whole I recognized this as a memory of a British Colonial Subject.

There are no accidents or coincidences. Monty desires you in precisely the same manner as he desired you then. He simply can not accept the fact that he can not have you, or impress, or possess you in any way shape or manner. It was the same then! Exactly the same!

Forgive this next part, for I am going to revert to the idioms and language quirks of a British Colonial Officer,

"...In Love With The daughter of a Major in Her Majesty's Royal Light Cavalry Brigade?.....
It's simply not done ol' boy!"
Those were my words to him. He attacked me, but I had two Gurkha with me who were spoiling for a fight. They Hated Hindus, even though their religion was the same they did not consider themselves Hindu. One
Gurkha simply took the hand that held the knife while the other butted him in the face with his Martini (rifle, not a drink}. He fell over backwards and splatted in the mud, his broken mouth bleeding to reveal his two front teeth were knocked out.

If I recall this correctly He went back and that night murdered his immediate family, for the next morning reports came of the event from the next of kin of the murdered woman and children. The whole village was up in arms demanding justice.
The whereabouts of our Hindu? He happened to be the chief servant in charge of all the other servants who were employed by our Regimental Commander, The Major. Your Father! The Hindu simply reported for work that morning and went about his duties as if nothing had happened!

I was summoned to the Majors billet and apprised of the situation, and that the murderer was on premises, and in-fact in the company of the Majors Daughter Herself!

Once again my two trusted Gurkha and I were called upon for a solution to the problem of this pesky Hindu servant who did not know his place. I was told by the Major to use discretion, as there was already grave unrest among the indigenous populous toward The Imperial Colonization, and our outright exploitation of the People and Natural Resources of India.

We came upon the sunroom, which was the favorite of the Majors Daughter. We would have entered, but the Hindu was in the act of washing her feet. We would quietly wait outside until the Hindu was finished. Another servant came with some fragrant oils and spices, but we forbade her to enter, and told her to go and assume other duties as if she were never summoned for this one.

It was about 20 minutes until the Hindu was about done. He kept looking to the doorway in anticipation of the maid with the oils. He stood and apologized to “Mum Sahib” saying he would punish the Maid who
Was derelict in her duties, and then finally came to the door. As soon as he was through my men grabbed him and gagged him, as I pointed to the exit they dragged him out. I peaked through the veils of the doorway to make sure she had not heard anything, and was relieved to find she had walked out onto adjoining veranda to take in the morning air, and proceeded into her garden.

I got outside and pointed for my men to drag this Hindu to the front of the Majors Billet, out of earshot of the Major’s daughter. When we got there the Major was already standing there waiting. I came to attention and saluted, and the major returned my salute and said, "Well done Captain, I trust my daughter is unawares of the Incident?" I said "Pulled it off without a hitch, Sir!"

The Major answered, "Now our problem is what to do with this blighter, without having the natives up in arms against us." One of my Gurkha then respectfully came to attention and addressed me, " Captain?" I gave my man permission to speak, and he went on to tell me something which was painfully obvious, but which we colonials had completely overlooked!

"Captain!" The Major got my attention, "What is your man going on about?" So I told him, “Sir, My Man here has given us away out of this mess!" Said the Major, "Please continue..."
"Sir, we have simply to return the man to his village, and the next of kin to the deceased will in-act retribution!"

So that is exactly what we did. We took him back to his village, where the first thing to happen was the female relations of his murdered wife pounced on him! My men and I did not wait around to see the final outcome of this restitution.

I felt good about it. I did not want that filthy Darkie hanging about the Majors daughter. Imagine that, killing his wife and children! Good Riddance! Besides, I had had my eye on the Major’s daughter for quite
some time.

This is the Place, Empress.

We thought we had a treaty, and we pulled out of India, and tried to make for the safety of Colonial Iran.
The Persians had not had enough of us yet, as did our Indian subjects. There were twelve thousand civilian British subjects with us, mostly women and children.

We were trapped in the confines of that bloody pass, and they shredded us to pieces. They even cause a great avalanche of rocks upon us. You were under that empress, in-charge of keeping together a group of women and children.
I along with your father the major were killed in a volley of arrows just after we witnessed your demise.

By October 1841, disaffected Afghan tribes were flocking to support Dost Mohammed’s son, Mohammed Akbar Khan, in Bamian. In November 1841 a senior British officer, Sir Alexander 'Sekundar' Burnes, and his aides were killed by a mob in Kabul.
In the following weeks the British commanders tried to negotiate with Mohammed Akbar. In a secret meeting, Macnaghten offered to make Akbar Afghanistan's vizier in exchange for allowing the British to stay. Rather than betray his countrymen, Akbar ordered Macnaghten thrown in prison. Along the way to prison, an angry mob killed Macnaghten and his dismembered corpse was paraded through Kabul.
On January 1, 1842 an agreement was reached that provided for the safe exodus of the British garrison and its dependents from Afghanistan. Five days later, the retreat began, and as they struggled through the snowbound passes, Ghilzai warriors attacked the British.
The British column of more than 16,000-strong (consisting of about 4,500 military personnel, both British and Indian, along with as many as 12,000 camp followers) was massacred in the 30 miles of treacherous gorges and passes lying between Kabul and Gandomak.
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