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"A someone who embodies...."wrinkled knowledge".

"Of course, being and becoming a Crone---being and becoming complete in one's own Powers----is no automatic thing. It is gained only by the most prodigious labors.

"Ursula LeGuin observes, "There are things the Old Woman can do, say, and think that the Woman cannot do, say, or think. The Woman has to give up more than her menstrual periods before she can do, say, or think them. She has got to change her life....bear herself, her third self, her old age." The results of successfully undergoing this "wringkling," this enormous psychic and physical shift are the SIGNS OF AGING that are so abhorrent in the snool's-eye view: the waxing of incisiveness, courage, belligerence, intractability, the ability to change, and the development of the Powers of psychic warfare.

"The world we know and do not know is itself undergoing a climacteric, a critical shift of enormous proportions, something like the transformations a woman undergoes at menopause. The commonly heard refrain "change or die" seems accurate enough. Yet patriarchal man steadfastly fears and refuses ontological change. This, then, is the promise of the Crone, she who knows that there is nothing to fear. What the Crone presages for the individual woman and for the world as a whole is, precisely, the CHANGE OF LIFE."

"We must face the Medusa, the unfaceable in ourselves, in order to have access to the powers we require." Chela Sandoval

--------GOSSIPS, GORGONS, & CRONES, the fates of the earth, by Jane Caputi, introduced by Paula Gunn Allen

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I was inspired by what you wrote and offer these passages in honor of a new light shining in your words.
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