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Originally Posted by ShirleyMac
Where did everyone go? I'm in the crytal room behind the waterfall...
Where are you?

I am often in this universe:

Lovies Ulla

The Floating Crystal City
We sat on special chairs shaped to our bodies and matching our bio-energy. I looked up into the vaulted roof above. Through the dome of the temple, I could see a shiny star coming towards us slowly. It was impressive, I did not think that stars could move.
Astonished I saw a floating crystal city at a distance. It was a fantastic feeling to be able to look through the city and the walls. We saw how everybody was busy with their lives and how everybody could follow all happenings telepathically. The fact that they could “look” into the others’ way of life or be watched by the others provoked no fear, - here everybody was equal in wisdom and development.
The city itself was surrounded by crystal balls, which we on Earth would call small planets. They formed a very special pattern; light was beaming from each ball in energetic, asymmetric rays, applying electric currents to invisible super cords that formed a security net to keep the city floating “on its own” in the universe. Quietly the city floated away and out into the universe above our heads. I was told that it was “The White City”. This was where crystallized “atomic energy” was developed – far from the one we use down here. The grafting and coding with a type of intelligent substance from the nucleus of a neutrino eliminated the coal dust in the crystals.
In this universe everything was crystal clear and the layers in the air were completely pure. It was so clear here that if I were not prepared for the level of vibration , my eyes would not be able to stand the light energies. Everything here vibrated at such octaves that I was totally "high" ”from the energy.
There were many floating cities in twelve-digit color units and big elliptically-shaped spaceships.

We walked out into the beautiful atmosphere and I saw all the luminous colors in the sky. It was a million times more beautiful than the northern lights. We came into a long crystal corridor that lead us down into the mountains. When I tell you that we walked, it is not correct, because here you float. In the mountains, the light consisted of phosphorus-like, luminous crystals that lit the road in front of us. We walked for a long time through many long corridors that lead us into a big underground vault; this was their “museum”.

We entered and a symphony of light, a kind of wide laser rays sent soft, healing waves into the room. The ceiling was full of colorful, tear-shaped prisms that reflected the light with a high sound vibration that was indescribably beautiful. They told me that this was their type of music that dolphins and elephants on Earth could hear, because of their developed hearing which can catch very high frequencies. I could feel that the tones entered each of the cells of my physical body. I was simply purified just by walking through these sound waves.

Se you in the light
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