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We are in a good and odd time. I ran across a some very odd phenomenon working with EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). A whole group of voices claiming to be "Voices of the Universe." Take everything with a very large portion of salt. Some are very good at deception and will use your own desires, fears, hopes and aspirations to rope you into a web of deception. Not every energy is friendly or "nice" but there seem to be plenty that are.
Their language we recieve is a "closest concept" to ours so names of older dieties seem to be used as a task description. But their knowlege of our concept base isn't complete and you can spot deception when it becomes "over the top". If you find yourself going through so many emotional hoops it exhausts you that's a pretty good indication you are a source of entertainment.
Another weak area is that although all time is one point for them and everything appears to be observable your own feelings and thoughts are not. Your own "souls song" must be revealed not observed.
So, anywho just take care that your search is your own. Use your own good common sense and don't believe everything you are told by anyone... from anywhere.
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