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Default Soul Retrieval

Dear Everyone

As I have been continuing my path on mending the past and healing the future ...the following vision is was shown to my room...on my own...without the aid of hypnotherapy. As you all know...this has been a three year progression...leading me to find my past souls...hence to heal the Now...leading me to go forward...towards ascension.

To realize these events...not only releases me from the Karma...but enables me to heal my spirit in the present by asking and receiving forgiveness.

These words...are the words I heard and I recalled my vision and sawmost of what happened as I walked in the garden, in the period of Colonial India...l860's?

This was a very short vision with many things happening at once...Lord Krishna was calling me also...maybe to distract me from any bloody events...for you know I am of the possitive heart only...

The woman I saw....wearing a wide brimed hat and long dress of that period..I knew I was a British subject and not the Hindu's past wife...that I also thought I was....during my last visit to India in 2005.

I lived in a very substantial household...with Indian servants...horses...and the most beautiful gardens. It was a personal sanctuary in a hostile environment as I thought the native people were beginning to resent us.

My Blue vision of Krishna was much more appealing and I started to go towards the blue heaven of the this most honourable divinity.....

I still don't understand the circumstances...looking back...I can see now my afinity with India....longing to live there again..

love Kris
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