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Default I see

I see a thousand shades of green, from fresh bright sunlit yellow greens to deep smoky dark blue greens. I smell the rain, bringing life to all things growing--warm rain that stops to let the sun peek out and sparkle on the drops hanging on soft leaves that are my shelter. I feel under my feet hundreds of years of Earth renewing herself, making worlds within worlds, to support life, to support me, gently.

I breathe deeply and am rejuvenated by sweet Earth and mist and I walk barefoot along a fine path that soothes my feet and sends energy up through my legs and into my heart. I follow the musical sounds of the waterfall and when I see it I watch as the whitewater tumbles over smooth moss-covered boulders and into a deep pool shimmering in the sun. I am naked and free and I walk gently into the pool flowing out from the bottom of the waterfall, swimming towards it to feel its power pounding on my skull, pounding Earth's rhythm through me, cleansing me.

This is real, it is where I go, to the forest, for life, for passion, for love to overflow me, spill out from me, heal me, bring me back to what is clean and real.

Originally Posted by ShirleyMac
The scene:
A tropical forest.
I can smell the decay of vegetation.
It smells sweet.
I see a waterfall in the distance.
I hear birds.
I feel at home.

Close your eyes.
Continue breathing deeply.
What do you see, hear, taste, smell, feel physically and emotionally?
Add your comments. (Donít quote this original post - just let things flow)
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