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Smile Dear, Dear Kris

Been awhile since I have posted but I was wandering around the boards and thinking of both you and Michael.

I am certain that this next year you should receive a crystal ball -- or be given one. There is only one place to purchase/receive a 'good' piece of cyrstal and that is Salem, MA. I bought all of mine there -- there is such good energies, if you look for them -- only do not go during Halloween time for it is too crowded and there is not enough positive spirituality around -- at least that is what I think.People in Salem understand certain to tourists and the like...but they also understand and identify pure of heart...and will respond to you, if you let them.

There is a store, Laurie Cabot's in Salem. She is the 'official witch' of Salem and a good soul. Or there is another store called (I think) Angelspeaks or AngelStore or Angel in the Clouds. It is something Angel and is filled with unusual things. They are honest. There is also an antique store right around the corner at Salem Mall from Laurie Cabot's. It has fantastic energies and I have purchased a few books and pictures there. I would have bought more, but shipping back to Chicago can be expensive.

If you ever decide to go, pls let me know, I would like to come with you if you are interested. Salem is one of my favorite cities on this planet. For all of the bad that has come out of the media from that city, there are very good places and people there. The Salem Inn is a favorite place to stay. I will tell you the room(s) too are the best. You will realize great energies, I think for your purpose is a good one. The energy imprint, if allowed, is powerful.

Wanted to wish you good tidings. You are thought of with love.
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