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Default The Seven Colours

Another great a man from calgary....who lost everything..only to find himself being told by a great master about the seven affirmations which concludes with the seven colours of the rainbow...

All this happened over a two week period in the his plane landed in pakistan instead of India because of a huge storm...typical for that time...buring the monsoons...

We all know that our lives are destined for great things...and my dragon showed her response as I entered the parking lot at the university the other night....I am taking a comparitive relgion course...and tonight was the I ching dynesty which included all about dragons!!!! anyways, as I was pulling into the parking lot the parking lights started to flash...this is common for I am always asking for some affirmation...but has not happened since I left the great airline of the skies....

Just another reminder to go forward...choose life and choose ascension...

I am working on releasing all karmas and perhaps volounterring at the hospice, as you know....we can all help those who are afraid....and it is never too late....even in the make peace with yourself and the universe...

Love Kris
dragon spirit
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