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I found what I was looking for and another site that site is filled with alot of stories....

I have been circle-ing around the earth a few times in my dreams as of late...and wondering also about this veil....which electra has mentioned on another thread....and I agree l00%....I dreamt about the mask last night and how it will be reveiled in time to all...Like the movie Mrs. Doubtfire....

The mask or viel will be peeled off and we will all be able to see through to another heaven on earth....

I await my path....and I hope to put to work all the wonderful information and thoughts we have all shared here on this fantastic web-site...

we will need many people to do many jobs during the next few years while people are starting to wake up to the major shift of consciousness...

This next era will be very promising and peace on earth is close at hand...letting go of the fear is the hardest of all the transformations, although keeping your intentions on the path....will accomplish all of us as one.

Love kris xo
p.s. as always osiris....your pictures are mesmorizing...although, I think my viel is flaming red! haha
dragon spirit
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