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Originally Posted by A Dreamer
Patricia and Chi,

If you really like listening to Dr. Hawkins you can listen to a couple of years of monthly broadcasts on It's all free. No login requirements or anything.


A Dreamer

Thank you Dreamer!
this was so thoughful of you
to post the above site.
I did go and listen last night
to two of the shows
though I must say that (so
far) what I've heard there -
does not even come close
to the callabration of this
one. For me this one is a
"cosmic hit", in the most
profound sense of the
expression. Ha! Too funny!
I attribute it to the
combined energy fields
of Dr Hawkins and Shirley
and the (other worldly)
(the unseen)
participants who chose
with infinite love
to be present.
I'll continue to listen to
show after show though,
until I have heard them
all. Blessings Dreamer!
and thanks again!

Joy and Light,
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