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I just got through listening to this man speak and I'm still blown away at how much I think like him. I mean his words were instictive to me. I felt like I was listening to a kindred spirit. It truly was like a souls embrace to me. I can't wait to read his books! Thanks Shirley for bringing this man to light here on your site.
Of course Shirley was a master to at asking Hawkins the right questions, The give and take was great perfect!
Hawkins is truly a genuion soul, a master of conciousness, self hipnosis and he
even understands the soul of humanity to the point of being a saint.
His laughter was infectious too!
Hmmmm, I'm still blown away!

Oh and by the way Chi, I have to tell you that you're not alone in hearing the
background talk. I heard it too! There was a humm yes, But there was chatter competing or colaborating within the background. Not only did I hear it, I felt it!
I turned up the volumne, tried to study the voices, sounded alien to me.
My goodness, this is a first for me in hearing anything remotely like this!
Hmmm, Well this is a radio show I'll never forget ha ha!

Love Light and Truth.....Patricia PS This whole karma thing has been with me a while now and I'm thrilled to always learn more! I mean he could have written , well...I'll tell you later ha!
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