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Originally Posted by ShirleyMac

I thought this would be a great topic for this week's IE Radio, especially considering the state of world.

Tune in Sunday, Aug 13, 6 PM PDT - 9 PM PDT for an amazing discussion with Dr. David R. Hawkins.

You can learn more about my guest by visiting:

See you Sunday!

Thank you Shirley,
for three wonderful hours. Ha!
I listened three times and each time
heard things that (the previous times)
I had missed. Isn't it interesting that the
amount of time of peace upon the
earth is about 7% to 10% and that the
amount of individual consciousness'
callabrating (sp?) above two hundred
(was it?) is around 15%. As I listened
I felt a subtle shift here in my own
understanding of time and space;
as if one were one and the other the
other happening all at once. Ha!
Though that part is nothing new;
we all feel that these days now and then.
Regarding your walk and your pain
along El Camino; do you remember
Clare of Asissi? Apparently her and
Francis were close friends; it is a
beautiful story. I stumbled across it
today ( EWTN 62 - a channel I seldom
watch) after stumbling into John of
God ( LIME 138) yesterday.
You are my favorite teacher Shirley,
and shall always be.
Just a little something more to wrap
your fingers around. Ha! Soft Grin...
Love to All!

Joy and Light,
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