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I didn't hear any voices behind Dr. Hawkins just some feedback hum. They were talking over a telephone and that would explain the hum.

He was genuine Hawkins. I love the way he laughs at things. Shirley almost seemed a bit reserved in the way she questioned him. I was surprised that she seemed surprised at some of what he was saying. But, she's an actor, so who knows...

I think having surgery several times without anesthetic was amazing. Lah was asking about Mastersouls in a thread in Spirituality. I don't know if I'd say that Hawkins is one but I believe that he knows the state of pure consciousness or what is called enlightenment from the inside out. This is one of today's masters to me. He is very pragmatic about it and has none of the flair of the Indian's like Maharshi or Ramakrishna. This is what it looks like from a western perspective.

I was glad to hear he's writing another book but sorry that he says it's the last in the series. I have read all five and I'm looking forward to the last one. Sounds like it will be a doozy!

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