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Default Symbology of the Rainbow Dragon cont'

*Of course, in the first stages of our great Cosmic journey we are like poor peasants who run from this terrifying creature and thus never discovering what it truly possesses. The more the peasants run, the bigger and more terrifying the Dragon seems. Then one frightful day a peasant becomes caught in a trap laid by the terrible Dragon. He can do nothing but fight, that's if he doesn't die of fright first. So he fights, desperately, fearfully, and to his amazement he survives. The Dragon is not slain, only wounded, and has run off into the forest. The peasant has been badly wounded and stumbles into the cave for refuge. In fear of the dark he stays at the mouth of the cave and doesn't realize the treasure contained within. However, the fair maiden kept captive deep inside the cave is a mysterious and powerful magician, a Being of Light, a Goddess in fact, who is under a spell placed on her by the Dragon. To break the spell she needs to unite with a human who will willingly surrender to her. If this occurs the Dragon will no longer have power over her.*

*With her mystical powers she detects the wounded stranger at the mouth of the cave and reaches out to him. The grace of her mystical touch is pure unconditional love and upon experiencing her caress the peasant is overwhelmed by her beauty and power and is instantly revived. Just then the Dragon returns and the peasant flees the cave, back to the safety of the village. However, the peasant is not the same. There is now the mark
of the dragon upon him, and his experience of facing the Dragon has given him a measure of wisdom. Most of all, however, the peasant has experienced the mysterious touch of the Goddess in the cave. He knows she is his one true love, even though he hasn't met her face to face. He has felt the essence of her Being. To be once again united with her now dominates his thoughts.*

*The other villagers see these things and fear him. They know one is never the same after being face to face with a dragon. Talking with him reminds them of the Dragon, so terrifying to them that they would rather not think about it. The villagers know that when one survives an encounter with a Dragon one seemingly becomes possessed by a mysterious power.*

*Because of the strange force growing within him, the peasant's values begin to change. He is less and less interested in the petty affairs of the squabbling villagers. He spends much time alone pondering the nature of his new found wisdom, and feels in his heart the calling of his one true love, the mysterious Goddess who came to him in a vision while hiding wounded in the cave.*

*As time goes by the peasant begins to gain the reputation as a shaman, and even though they still fear him, the villages come to him with their problems. Soon the peasant's yearning to unite once again with the Goddess grows stronger than his fear of the Dragon and so, fashioned out of his own hard work he purposefully dons a shining suit of armor made of knowledge, places in his scabbard his lovingly forged sword of truth, scoops up his shield of steadfastness, mounts his newly acquired stead of justice, and reaches for his lance of courage. The villages watch in trepidation and puzzlement as the new warrior rides out of the village in search of the Dragon. They knew it would eventually come to this but the villagers can never understand why someone would want to deliberately go out hunting for Dragons.*

*Eventually the warrior returns, once again wounded but with more wisdom and more fighting skills, but more importantly, a greater bond with his Goddess. As the years roll on the warrior's Dragon hunting expeditions increase. Sometimes he finds what he is looking for, sometimes he doesn't. As his skills increase and his wisdom grows, he is able to venture deeper and deeper into the labyrinth like cave, guided by the grace of his Goddess, as the Dragon attempts to thwart his every move, for the Dragon is a cunning foe.*

*He is now an elder of the village, teaches other warriors and
selflessly serves his community, even though the villagers are often ungrateful and still don't trust him. When he rides into the village after being out Dragon hunting, the villagers do not come out to meet him, only the other warriors and the little children. The children love his gentle nature, even though this powerful warrior is an imposing figure in his cosmic armor. The children know he has command of his strength. Most of all they crave the unconditional love and acceptance that he freely pours out to them as he plays games with them or tells them stories of the great myths and legends.*

*Then one day, the warrior, fighting courageously with all his skill and might, ventured further and deeper into the cave than he had ever been. The Dragon raged at him and made himself grow terrifyingly large, so much so that the warrior almost turned and retreated but then something stopped him. Somehow the warrior knew that this was it, that there was no turning back. This time he would rather die than leave the cave without his one true love. Instead, mustering all the will and courage within him, he turned and deliberately faced the deadly Dragon, feeling
its searing breath upon his face as he stared deep into its piercing yellow eyes. Then, without taking his eyes off the Dragon the warrior proceeded to lay down his armor. Confused, the Dragon stopped in its tracks and watched as the warrior continued disrobing until he was completely naked. Having done this he calmly picked up his beautifully ornate suit of armor of knowledge and reverently placed it before the Dragon's scaly feet saying, you are free to take me Dragon, for I no longer fear you. My body is yours to maul with your mighty teeth if you will. Then the warrior placed his glistening shield of steadfastness before the Dragon saying, my desires and aspirations are yours to crush
with your mighty barbed tail if you will. Lastly the warrior picked up his fine and beautifully decorated sword of truth and gently placed it at the Dragonís feet saying, my honor and integrity are yours to destroy with your fiery breath if you will. Then, to the even greater astonishment of the Dragon, the warrior sat down, closed his eyes and stilled his mind.*

*However, instead of the terrible monster tearing him apart, at once the Dragon began to fade away like a vanishing phantom and in its place appeared the beautiful radiant Goddess. Suddenly brilliant golden light filled every corner of the cave and choirs of angels burst into song as She reached down to the warrior, bringing him to his feet. When they embraced, Her radiance suddenly turned into a great cosmic fire that consumed them both, transforming and merging them into the Light of the world. *


*(Enter into the darkness in order for the light to be liberated.)*



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