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Default From Darkness into the Light - Symbology of the Rainbow Dragon



Soul, the Dragon, and the Sacred Warrior together have a special
relationship. The Dragon lives to be conquered, Soul lives to be
released into consciousness, the Warrior lives to be redeemed by uniting with Soul. They, in fact, are all aspects of ourself and this Spiritual Integration constitutes our inward journey.



*"This is the beginning of alchemy, that we shall discover our every word and deed to be but symbols, our hopes and aspirations only fables, our histories and traditions merely legends. All that we know, like the symbol of the unicorn, is an indication of that which lies within."

(Manly P. Hall, "/Self-Unfoldment: By Disciplines in Realization/", p.
83). *

*Symbolism has been used down the ages in esoteric spiritual teaching to convey certain themes and to spark the imagination. The symbol's esoteric nature also gives it a mysterious quality and adds to the fraternity of, say, the members of a mystical order such as an "Order of the Rainbow Dragon" (see inside front cover). Only the members know the meaning of the symbol, thus a special bond is created. Also, the hidden meaning of the symbol can be very deep and complex and much feeling and reverence can be attached to it. To contemplate the deeper meaning of a
mystical symbol creates a meeting place in the mind where Soul, the rational mind, and the emotional nature can merge and work in harmony together. In this way symbols have become living things that reside in the collective unconscious of humanity.*

*Now that we have taken this journey together, it is time for you too to be initiated into the meaning of the Rainbow Dragon. To begin with, the many colors of the Dragon represent the many energetic qualities of the Life-force. Also, the Rainbow Bridge is the symbol of the "/Antakarana/", which is the name given to the stream of consciousness we build when we are purposefully integrating into our Soul and then Monad. It is the "road we build to heaven", so to speak. The colour red on the body of the Dragon is a powerful energy. On a positive polarity red represents divine Will and power to love and work together. On a negative polarity red represents domination, destruction,
separativeness, and other fearful qualities. So the Dragon is a powerful figure. The green patches balance the red with the harmony of nature and the feminine Earth. The Dragon's fiery breath represents cosmic fire, the transforming power of the Life-force.*

*The Dragon has a firm grip on his own tail which symbolizes the unity of the circle, integration, personal responsibility - emotional honesty. His tail is not being wasted lashing out at others. He is complete within himself. In alchemical terms, the base of the pyramid of realization is complete, with Will, Knowledge, Emotion and Awareness completing the four corners, setting the foundations for the real work to begin. The flag he is holding bears the cross of time and space and the blue circle is the symbol of the incarnated Soul and unity. The cross and the circle represents the Soul incarnated in time and space, but more than this. It is the symbol of transfiguration, which is the
term used in the Bible designating Soul becoming complete Master of Her earthly vehicle.*

*The wings of the Dragon represent the Soul's capacity to fly above the opposites of the material world, including the limited rational mind. If you look closely you will see that the Dragon, who often represents the fear that blocks our path to the Self, isn't as ferocious as he first seems. Fear is like that, for fear is the bearer of treasure, which you will discover if you have the courage to face your fears. The Chinese Dragon is a jolly Dragon because the focus is on what the Soul gains more than what the ego loses. The Rainbow Dragon is actually an integration of the East and the West, for that is the way of the Aquarian age.*

*In the myths of the Dragon, particularly in western legends of the Saint George and the Dragon type, the Dragon is a villainous creature who roams around the countryside stealing treasure, especially gold, and kidnapping fair maidens. The Dragon then proceeds to hide the treasure and the maiden in his cave, which he then guards ferociously. In actual fact, the Dragon represents ourself. He is the fear that bars the dark and murky cave of our subconscious, that ominous labyrinth where we dare not venture into for fear of being lost forever by becoming submerged in the storms of our emotional baggage. St. George is the Sacred Warrior, who symbolized the awakened ego who has surrendered to Soul. He is a masculine symbol who risks destruction by penetrating into the feminine subconscious for the purpose of integration, armed with the power of the feminine Soul with whom he is seeking to unite (this of course is the way of integration for both men and women). The treasure hidden away in the cave is unity, harmony, wisdom, realization. The fair maiden is our Soul, our one true love, our destiny, the key to God's kingdom. She is the ferry-man who will guide us to her and finally through the portal of self and out into Cosmic consciousness.*

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