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Originally Posted by Siriusgirl
That is a good question, and one I have considered. Living in northern Minnesota there is plenty of fresh water everywhere. However, I believe this whole area will be flooded and transport would be via boat. I live alone with 2 dogs and have supplies for a month and water stashed. Good neighbors close, and the ability to grow food if necessary. Truthfully, am not sure where I should be when all this occurs. Have been pursuing a different teaching job in santa fe with an interview over the phone set for tomorrow at 3. This willl be interesting.....

Being prepared, however, I think having considered it emotionally, first is important. I also understand what Osiris is saying about the mass exodus from citites. Most folks here are heavily armed - and very territorial. I dont' know - really - what will happen. I believe the good in all of us will come through, but in the long run, and I mean the very long run - these are questions I have had - my prayer is for peace and cooperation and goodwill - sharing and helping - all the best things for everyone.

I don't know - and I am glad we are talking about this - thank you for opening this up for sharing - I have written only about thoughts of my own and some ideas -

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