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Prepared? I guess I'm not quite there to my satisfaction yet but definately working on it. We've been working on it for a long time now.

When we built this place we did so with both Earth friendliness and Earth Changes in mind. The two concepts simply flowed together the more we studied and learned. There was and is no fear involved with it. What served us in getting off the grid and Earth friendly would also serve us in the event of Earth changes.

We've been off the grid from the beginning so we aren't dependant on outside sources of water or electricity. Since we are our own electric company we have lots of flashlights...LOL We have a wood burner for heat. We are working on creating a system to catch run off rain water for my garden but it has to rain for that to do any good...LOL I have an oil lamp collection and always keep plenty of oil on hand partly because I love the glow the lamps put out but it also serves as an added means of light if need be.

We keep about 4-6 months of food in storage and simply rotate it. I am a bit low right now but will be starting to re-stock the next trip to town. I just pick up a few extra non-perishable items each shopping trip. We live far enough away from town that this serves as a supply when ever we get snowed in for a while as well. We have emergency kits on hand and lots of camping gear too. We used to love going camping.

We will have chicks again as of the 12th of this month. We ordered them last Feb. and now I'm glad we did We had a flock for many years but had given away the last of them a few years ago. We know it's now time to start fresh with a new flock.

Interestingly enough we ended up with neighbors who also tend to keep things on hand, who garden and who are wonderful about working together on things. Each of these wonderful neighbors has one particular interest or specialty. One even has a hydroponic garden. Another is a doctor. Another one runs her place on solar energy and is a wellspring of knowledge when it comes to herbs and alternatives so between us we could help eachother if needed. As for transportation, nearly everyone in these parts has some 4-legged transportation if no gasoline were available (a horse) but it would be one heck of a long trip to town!

I do realize that this is not the case in a lot of places. It just happens to be the case here and I do know how blessed we are. There are a lot of simple, common sense measures anyone can take where ever they live.

I watched a movie the other night and one particular phrase was repeated over and over. It went something like this:

"How did the man stranded in the mountains die?
He died of shame. He died of shame because he didn't THINK.
In other words, he was surounded by food, water and shelter if he had only used his ability to "think". What a shameful way to die."

I look at the possibility of Earth Changes at so many different levels. The side this post reflects is what you might call the practical side. There is also the spiritual side, I am also learning about the quantum side and actually doing my own little experiments with that. Learning how to hop from dimension to dimension and reality to reality I guess you could say. I don't have to understand the math, only the concepts.

I also see the possibilities for people to discover the very best they can be and how to Love themselves and one another. If one or both of us decide we don't wish to go through this time of change it's ok. This place will come in handy for someone, perhaps some of our kids.

Wow! I didn't mean to write a book...sorry 'bout that.


An after-thought: You know the one neighbor who put out poison for the coyotes...his beef might start looking pretty tasty!...
The real trick to life is not to be in the know
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