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We are just beginning on this aspect of our little adventure. It has taken an enormous amount of work just to get here.

First, we had to sell our big mammoth house. Even with a woodburner/water heater outside and a fireplace inside, costed us big bucks to heat, cool and provide electricity for every year. Not to mention mortgage, insurance and upkeep.

At the sale of our home, we liquidated 60-75% of our "stuff" and were moving to NM to buy an earthship, when my 16 year old announced he was in love.

Switch plans, stay in Indiana..'listen to Spirit'.

Now we are renting a little house and meanwhile fixing up my mom's house so we can all live together. Even if the world does not come to some catastrophe, we have to be able to economically survive. Since the family business and my mom and dad's marriage went down the tubes, well...we are back to poor folk. Which is ok with me.

Then I had to tell the family what I was thinking without A) sounding more crazy than I already do B) scaring them C) being laughed at like I was at Y2K. Ahh...memories.

I am thinking so many things, but I truly believe I am not going to be alive in the body very long. However, I am trying to get my family in a place where they are ok.

Would love suggestions. We don't have the money to build a dome home (which is so cool) or do anything really like put in a fireplace or woodburner. I am stocking up on water and non-perishables.

I have read Zeta talk for a long time. I used to work at B&N and constantly was looking at things like Tom Brown and survivalist info. We know a lot of people that are good hunters, natural conservationists, self-sufficient farmers, eco-technologists and the like...but if it came down to it, we would be in very poor shape.

Since we have opened the topic I am doing more research....ha ha.

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