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For me, personally, I have been preparing but am not there yet for anything long term.

I have stored plastic containers of water that I rotate from time to time..but would like to add to the supply.

I have a supply of blankets, tarps that I have gathered.

First aid kit for us and our furbabies. I also have created tinctures of some healing herbs...I have a large batch of Usnea brewing...antibotic properties. A little researching of edible plants~weeds like chickweed. Very nutricious.

Also have some various candles, flashlights, batteries, kerosene laterns and lights...camping equipment if we need.

Collecting non parishable foods, which I also tend to rotate...but I need to add to that supply as well...during Shirley's show I heard 1 month mentioned...not there yet. I think I have about a week actually more like 2.

One thing I want to tackle but haven't yet, is heat in our home. Living in the moutains, heat is an important issue. Years ago we installed a pellet burning stove but if we lost power it would do no good. I have wanted to remove it and go back to a fireplace/woodburning stove...but hubby is resistant.

We are blessed to live in a small town/rural area. We are close to moving water and can live very closely to the land if necessary. But I also realize our situation is different from many.

And for us personally, if we faced the scenario of Yellowstone blowing...basically I think it would be a matter of being prepared emotionally and spiritually to just return Home. And actually, if that is what I have chosen on some deeper level...I am prepared for that too.

Key is not living in fear. But in all honesty, if Yellowstone was going...I think I am grateful for living so close to "ground zero".

It's all about the Joy you know

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