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I don't have anything stashed away, or put aside.
All I have is myself.
After what I have seen, I am prepared.
It is not the Earth Quake or other disaster I fear.
It is the number of people who will be displaced, among which the dregs of society will prey upon the weak.
I See Them Daily.
I am going to open myself up for rebuttal here.
I see, and experience, and am in the presence of despirate predatory beings. Drug addicts and alcoholics, gang bangers, thieves, and other criminals who when practicing have no compassion for anything, and not even themselves!
Living Human Garbage who have no purpose but to take up space on the face of the Earth, and want! Living to make themselves feel by inflicting pain upon others.
This is the world that exists outside suburbia, the inner city world. The bottom strata of society. That place no one wants to admit exists. Those people that is safer to remain in denial of.
Those of you blessed and privileged with a beautiful home, and all it's accoutrements therein and out.....
Think of the other end of the spectrum. The other side of the coin. The opposite place. The Yin opposing Yang.
I could be nicey nicey here.
The only reason have been able to survive in the places I have been is that I am a soldier, and no one will mess with me.
This is why this Earth Changes thing is so important to me.
When the Earth is displaced, so are the people. New Orleans was just a little preview. What I saw happening here where I now reside involved what people do to, and for each other.
When that Tsunami hit it was the end of the world.
When Katrina hit it was the end of the world.
It does not take much to end the world. Just a little nudge away from normal daily routine, and things get difficult.
We live in a universe of ordered chaos. Things are slated to happen, because God wants to see how we act and re-act.
Gurdjieff called this "The Terror of the Situation".

Ostrich may stick their head in the ground.....
People keep their head elsewhere.

The best part of this is people are going to rise to the occasion. The Good and Best in people will emerge, to counter the negative aspects out there.
People will come together to help each other despite adversity. Adversity will cause those who are of different customs and culture to put their differences aside and help each other, accept each other, and heal each other.
This is where from the End of the World comes a new beginning.

This is where I am going to be, and that's why I am here.
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Love, Michael, The Valkyrie
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