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Default Not sure what prepared means

Hi Brit,
I am not sure what prepared means. If there was some reason we couldn't use our cars I have enough food in the house to last several months. If we don't have electricity then it would be a couple of months less food because of spoilage. If we have to do without water I don't know how I would deal with that. I have the means to heat the house for about a month with the firewood stacked and could cook on top of the Lopi (a castiron stove insert in the fireplace.) Plenty of batteries for flashligts and radio for a while. We have enough space to garden to keep ourselves.

If it means leaving the house I don't have any plans at all. If there was a national disaster and we could cross over into Canada we have a house there big enough for the family.

I don't know exactly what we are planning for. I live so close to Lake Erie that if someone like Gordon Michael Scallion is right I won't have to think about it. I'll be under water!

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