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Default Oh I love this

Originally Posted by Nori
This is getting sooooo confusing?
Are we not ever who we think we are?
Can't we take of the masks and see?
Sure, I'd like to be someone else for a while
And I would choose Bette Midler,
Or Katharine Hepburn.... and just do what I want
Wear comfortable clothes all the time
Dance, sing, and do headstands!
(that would be Bette Midler)
If we want to be someone else,
What would they be while we were them?
Would they be empty shells?
I like who I am----most of the time
But, now you are telling me that I may not be
who I think I am.....
In any case, I know who you are!

Love and hugs,

Wow this is really a heavy thread

Hey Nabisco Kid!
As for me, I really don't want to be anyone else because I find me pretty interesting. I find me living whatever life I want to live. And I don't think anybody else could do that for me, except ME! Hahaha!!!

What I think is that we are joining all of the energies that we have within us. All of our potentials to be in our own ways of being but grasping the synchronicities of those feelings within to those we have seen in others. So, not necessarily wanting to become someone else but to become all of what we have within us. It is like joiing all of our parts in expression.

You know, like how many of us know that we hold this bold energy within us and yet we don't normally express it. Or we have this knowing that we could sing to the top of our lungs and yet we don't in the physical. Or how many of us dance in our dreams? I think it is just a joining of all that we experience joy in and that it is not necessarily prevalent for us to express it in the physical form but to appreciate it even more in our "minds".

I know I was always the world's greatest ice skater when I watch ice skating but I never had a fancy to actually get on the ice and "do it". Because God knows the one time I did get on the ice, my ankles buckled and I wiped out old women and children on my way to get back to the bench. Hahaha!!! Yeah, that is a true story. So, I then just relent to my minds eye and allowed me to skate there. And, by the way, I was fantastic.

I think that to me is what this is all about. It is not always that we have to live our fantasies in our reality but that we truly appreciate them in our daydreams. Or something like that. I don't know, I'm just spewing.

But all I know is that it feels good. Loves to you all, Deb
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