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Default ??????

This is getting sooooo confusing?
Are we not ever who we think we are?
Can't we take of the masks and see?
Sure, I'd like to be someone else for a while
And I would choose Bette Midler,
Or Katharine Hepburn.... and just do what I want
Wear comfortable clothes all the time
Dance, sing, and do headstands!
(that would be Bette Midler)
If we want to be someone else,
What would they be while we were them?
Would they be empty shells?
I like who I am----most of the time
But, now you are telling me that I may not be
who I think I am.....
In any case, I know who you are!

Love and hugs,

Wow this is really a heavy thread
OM! Shanti! Peace!
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