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Default I saw a movie about this very thing

Originally Posted by moonchildiva
That's good, I dig it!

I wanted to share THIS with you..........

I'm sorry that I don't remember you but I was hypnotized once to forget someone, maybe he was you; and if that's true then maybe you can be somebody else this time.


I saw a movie about this very thing, don't remember the name or even the characters. But this man and woman had this relationship that was very intense yet volitile for the both of them. They both had their memories erased and guess what, they met again and started the whole thing over again. But this time they seemed to have come to an appreciation of each other though they didn't realize they had met before. It was really quite interesting.

Makes me wonder how many of us could have a fruitful relationship now with someone in our past without hyperventilating over past transgressions??? But it seems as though "our expectations" are always met. Hahaha!!! Ah is that the key? Our expectations in relation to past experiences???

Love, Deb

Love, Deb
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