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Default Ah Nori, Nori

Originally Posted by Nori
I remember it well!

When I think of sculptors-
My first stop on my first trip to Paris
Was the Rodin museum
The Kiss, The Thinker ....
They came alive as I sat there
Wondering how a human being
Filled with doubts and foibles
Could create such beauty....
Now, almost 40 years later,
I am coming closer to knowing
But haven't yet fully understood
That I may never really know.

Thanks Deb for "bringing back" this poem!

Sculpture by my father:
Three hearts
(my parents and myself)
with a candle holder and a place to float

When I looked at your father's sculpture, I could feel the love with which he created it. Sometimes when I write, I lose myself and become one with the feelings of the words. And for that time, I become what I am writing.

Thank you, sweet one,
Love, Deb
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