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Default Crystal cave

It was just after dawn when I broke through into the clearing. As I open my eyes from meditation and move myself gently I can tell by the light in the clearing and the position of the sun in the sky that it is now mid-morning.

As I listen to the tree frogs and the cries of the birds above I focus my gaze across the pool to the place where the water falls and splashes on the rocks.
There behind the cascading waters I see a sparking bit of rainbow colored light.

Standing slowly and stretching now I bring my body back into awareness. As I step into the water I know that I have been in this place before. Wading deeper into the cool clean water of the pool until I am chest deep I feel the smooth rounded stones under my feet and push through the cool liguid with my legs until I reach the base of the falls. On the other side I put my hands on the cool wet stone shelf of the basin and push myself out of the water onto the flat rock, walk to one side of the falls and step behind the curtain of water. The sound of the falling water is louder here but as I enter the opening of the cave behind the waterfall the sounds diminish.

The interior of the cave is lit softly from an opening in the top of the crystal dome. Once inside the main crystal room the colors are soft and bright. Hues I have never seen in the world outside this crystal domed cave. The first thing I notice is a being off to the left side of the open room. This being is very tall and clothed in a robe of many colors so that it nearly blends in with the multi-hued crystal walls of the domed room. This being is surrounded by an aura of softly glowing light. It speaks telepathically and invites me to enter and sit.

I hear others now entering the space of the dome. Wet footfalls on the stone floor of the hall that leads into the this light filled crystal room. Voices hushing as they come through the door into this sacred space and are invited, as I was, to enter and sit in a circle which is inlaid with lapis and amethyst upon the crystal floor. There is Terry. She takes her place in the circle with everyone and lies down in her Annubis pose with legs stretched out behind her, head erect and attentive to the robed being who stands in place welcoming each one to the circle.

We have come to learn about our connection to each other and our connection to the Divine One. The room is hushed now as we await the lesson which is about to begin...........
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