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as I walk slowly toward the pool of water left undulating under the Godly sound of the waterfall that is coming closer and closer with every step I take. Crunch, crunch the twigs crack as I walk along, all of a sudden a cloud bursts and the rain tumble down on my head, encompasing my body, hitting my cheeks and into my eyes. The sweet smell of the rain causes such joy in me, a tear comes from my eye. I am the cloud and the rain that tumbles down on to the earth. I am one with it . I become it and know I create it. As I walk along the crunch under me stops and it becomes cool, soft moss under my feet, what a treat, my heart leaps. I'm standing encompassed by this rain on a patch of cool moss, looking through the trees, with a slight ray of light beaming down on me , such joy fills my heart as I near the pool below the water fall. I take off my top and my shorts and slip easily and gently into the pool as the rain continues to fall. It is so quiet here as quiet as I feel inside...
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