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It's the frequency. Ha!
It's a higher frequency.
the crystal makes everything vibrate here at
an accelerated rate.
and so it helps sometimes (while you are here)
to dwell simultaneously deep in the heart of the
Mother Earth.
This way the elementals of the second demension
are able to join with the higher energies you encounter
here... and assist you in the task of remaining in your
body, while you are adjusting to the higher frequencies
eminating here.
As you can see... there are many towering, sacred
geometries here... and we incourage you to enter and
dwell in each one. You will find that each structure
has its own unique amplification to offer. And your
Higher Self will guide you to the right one.
My personal favorites are the crystal domes. I
seek them out daily. they are wonderful!
Out of all the sacred geometries here, they promote
the most exquisite healing. There is just something
about the beautiful domes. Look at them!
Even just looking at them... creates a sense of
well being; doesn't it?! I just love them!
Their shapes seem to assist the light energies in
flowing in and around one more evenly and quite
gently. Compared to the crystal triangles... where
the energy just seems to shoot straight down from
their vortexes right in through the top of one's head.
But then, the triangles are more knowledge based.
But the domes... the amplification of the domes seem
to cater more to the well being of the terrestrial heart.
Out of nowhere! Ha!
Love to all!
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