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Default I Am Here With You.

The ground is moist and clammy. I wade ankle deep in the river. I can feel the icy chill from the water swirl between my toes. The pebbles in the river bed are soft and round, massaging the balls and heels of my feet. The tension in my lower back is loosening up.
I walk along the shore of the river and graze my hand along the large green leaves of vegetation. Some of the leaves are very large and have a dark, bold green tone to them. They almost appear plastic. I touch them. I rub a leaf between the tips of my thumb and forefinger. The leaves are very much alive and very warm to the touch. The sun rays have been beating down upon them.
There is a light breeze in the air. I take in a deep breath. I can smell the wild flowers in bloom. There's a fresh citrus scent gliding along the breeze. I follow the scent.
As I walk along the shore of the river, I notice I am walking with the waves of the river. I pick up pace and play with the waves. I am jogging and gazing back at the waves I've left behind, and the ones ahead of me, and the ones just at my side.
The river is alive and she is in the mood for a race. I pick up my jogging to the pace of running. The river is running at my pace now. She is picking up speed too. Her waves are challenging me to run with her to the finishing line.
We reach the finishing line together as my friend, the river, jumps with a rush and a huge continuous splash over a cliff and to the base of the waterfall she has created.
I remain at the top and watch her play at the bottom. I sit on a large boulder mother nature has left at the edge of this high cliff. It's her chair she has provided for any creature to rest and take in the view of the richly forested valley below.
The breeze lightly blows through my hair and whispers a distant bird melody. It says, "I am hear with you".
This is my home. My heart. This is the place forever within me.
The miracle of a magical world is friendship.
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