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Default A safe space

I was in a clearing, hearing the sound of water beckoning me to come find the source...I knew that others were here, but I went off on my own, and thought that I'd think about color, in order to get my mind off all the scary insects that I knew were just there being what they were, making the place come alive...and so I thought of all the red flowers, orange fruit, yellow feathers on the birds, and mostly green, and then the blue sky and blue-green water, and some purple moss. And then light swirling together all the color and movement from my surroundings and from my spirit, connecting us -- and I decided that I'd walk through the light as if it were a doorway, and when I came out the other side...I was lighter and the space arround me told me to sit under a tree and feel safe that nothing would harm me, so I sat. Then I imagined that rocks and plants to microorganisms and insects, and lizards and all the mammals and birds were sharing this planet in all it's forms and color, and in front of me was a huelandite crystal that I remembered seeing a while ago. I asked it what it could tell me about this place, and I didn't get anything, I just felt light and good, and realized that was the point, and that my thoughts were sustaining this place. I was making everything beautiful by feeling so great and full of light and love. And I didn't want to go back to not being conscious that I had this power.
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