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I see the waterfall as azure blue cascading in a shimmering brilliance. The waterfall begins to change in color, and it now becomes a deep purple hue with a white glow surrounding the main flow of water. Behind the waterfall lies a cave dwelling, a haven, a place of peace and comfort, designed by me and for me to retreat to for rejuvenation. The cave is covered in soft moss. I lay down upon the moss. The moss smells sweet, feels soft and lush, it is green, plush and alive. There are crystals of varying sizes and shapes in the corners of the cave. They are beacons for those who are fusing energies from another plane of existence. In the cave, I am in complete serenity and safety, mind, body and spirit. As I lay upon the moss a bear appears, he is golden with a blue hue that vibrates beyond the initial golden appearance. Suddenly it becomes apparent that the tropical region I am in is not one of this earth, I am on another plane of existence, perhaps another planet, I am unsure. I feel safe and at home, however, I cannot name where I am. It doesn't feel necessary to name it. I stand and leave the cave that lies behind the waterfall and am drawn to the "sky" above me. A large bird, one that I have known for many lives flies close to me and circles with an energy that is familiar, very ancient, very consoling. He is eagle like, but larger, and the shape of the body is not that of the eagle. He is wise, he is a guide, he is more than bird. He "speaks" through his flight. The scents that fill the air around me are those of fragrant and exotic flowers, musk, and wet leather. The soft tan leather has been moistened to form to my feet so that the trail I am now walking toward will be easier to tread, as it is a steep uphill climb. I walk the path with ease. There is a beautiful bright green lizard upon the rock to my right. He has eyes that shine in love. I reach the top of a mountain which now appears in the form of amethyst formations. Ancient guides await in a circle, a fire is lit and they gather in sacred ritual of a reunion of souls, a reuniting of energies that have bonded over many lifetimes, galaxies, universes. I sit now in the circle, I feel peace, I smell the smoke of the fire, the burning of the yarrow, the slight scent of mint in the air. This is where I will remain until the process is complete. This is where I will sleep tonight.
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