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Default In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Walking up to the edge of the water, I see Dreamer sitting there and smile at her, greeting her with a telepathic hug but no words, so as not to intrude upon the sacred silence. I sense the others scattered around and telepathically greet them, too.

Lush, tangled vines decorated with huge fragrant blooms cling lovingly to various surfaces, lending their perfume to add to the magic of this place. Somewhere in the overgrowth a group of monkeys chatter to each other. I look up to see if I can see them, and sitting on a branch overhead is a huge golden eagle, quietly watching me. The eagle looks me in the eye, then lifts its wings and flies away, leaving me breathless and in awe of his majesty.

I'm drawn to the waterfall. The rocks behind the rushing water gleam golden in the lazy sunlight that filters through the dense vegetation. I can feel the spray on my face as I step closer. Suddenly I'm compelled to dive into the cool, clear water. I take a deep breath and push downward, behind the waterfall into an opening that somehow I knew was there, beneath and behind the rock face. The water grabs and pulls me through, but I am not afraid.

Just when I think my lungs are about to burst, I come up into a chamber, a cave filled with glistening quartz crystals of every imaginable hue. The waves of energy the stones emit should be staggering, but somehow are not.

At the edge of the pool on this side of the falls a set of stone steps lead out of the water and to an opening in the cave. Following along as if in a dream, I emerge from the shadowed cave into a clearing. There in front of me rise the stone steps of a temple, reaching upward to the cerulean sky. On either side of the steps sit sentinels: a pair of intricately carved, deeply green jade jaguars. I want to touch them, to feel the sleek power beneath their green skins, but I'm a bit intimidated by their power.

I take a step forward, and put one foot on the bottom step, pausing to look up at the top of the temple, trembling with excitement and anticipation...

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.
Khalil Gibran
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