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I have come upon the edge of the clearing. The earth is moist and spongy under my feet and insects are buzzing around me. As I step out of the deep shade of the trees into the open I hear the water splashing.

Birds lift swiftly to the high branches and a small creature scurries into the vegetation. I hear the plops of several frogs into the pond.

The air is cooler here and mists are rising from the splashing water at the base of the fall.

I walk to the edge of the pool and splash the cool water on my face and arms.
The birds call in the trees, watching me cautiously.

I find a fallen log at the edge of the water and sit. Cool, damp. Feeling the waters cooling evaporation on my skin.

My eyes close and I breath in the fresher air of the clearing. Ionized. The sun through the canopy of the branches is casting dappled shawdows on everything.

My eyes close and I breathe deeply for a moment. My lungs enjoy the fresher cooler air here. And then..............silence.
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