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Default Love To You All.......from Spain

Future Human Beings

Danish television, Channel Zulu, has for a long time now sent "The Power of Spirits", a television cliff hanger. A lot of people not aware of their spiritual interests have had "I see"- experiences. These shows and a lot more have helped many people all over the country to acknowledge their own spiritual abilities. Slowly it has entered our minds, and why?

Some people object to such shows, but nevertheless they watch them. Somehow they touch unknown feelings. EVERYTHING has a meaning, but we do not always UNDERSTAND the idea with everything.

I believe that we are on the edge of a new age where many will be re-activated in the cosmic world - we are going to be remembered for what we already know. Marion and Steen Kofoed, Gertrud Berlon, and a lot more are very remarkable viewers, visionary people born as Human Beings of the Future. They are teaching how to discover one's own clairvoyant abilities - a phase in human development opening "the third eye", a small gland in the centre of our forehead at the size of a beaming almond. It could be called our optic eye lens to cosmos. A "receiver" and a "transmitter" of the streams of images, thoughts, and consciousness being taken out of the universe and from Earth. These image formations are being filed in this optic gland, until we need them, when we have time and feel like it.

As human beings we may expect to have children born as children of the future - called the Indigo Kids by some - they have this gland totally open and can take out streams of images and knowledge from the cosmic faculty, and they do not understand why other people, e.g. their mother or father, cannot understand what they tell or see, because it is not in the books.

Marion, Steen, and Gertrud are and have been pioneers in the field where we as human beings can learn how to use the third eye - or our consciousness - so that we can be in contact with the spiritual world (because this is the beginning of the next phase), learn how to flow through the dimensions, learn to accept that there are no limits to the spiritual world, or to other civilisations, etc. in the universe - maybe because today many people may give birth to little indigo kids who must be understood and loved. That is why I believe that now is the time for us as human beings to learn how be conscious about the fact that EVERYBODY can learn to look into other worlds. This means that kids of the future will not be misunderstood the way it happened 50 years ago, when if a person saw a deceased person or a space-ship, etc, he or she were condemned to a mental institution. Fortunately this will soon be history.

Clairvoyance is the first phase for being a future human being enabling a person to "scan" through "substance" and use the consciousness day-consciously taking out cosmic knowledge for the every day doings. Having practised this phase for a while the person will by and large be able to look into all dimensions. The future human being can make conversations with spirits, angles, light spirits, and many more, and they posses natural telepathic abilities with other human beings in space, with whom they make daily exchanges.
I believe that today's clever clairvoyants know that. They probably also know that the clairvoyance of the future is going to be different. However, right now a lot of searching and spiritual people are enjoying all the shows on television. Also the weekly magazines have taken up this huge subject. To be a clairvoyant is no news - in the past we all had the ability, for instance in Atlantis, where they had optical views, the pineal gland was shining like a diamond slowly fading in radiance and finally disappearing - unable to receive or transmit streams of images - to everybody else in the universe. The crystalline cells crumbled being the cells in which all information could be coded. They were lost because these abilities were used as a "weapon" juggling with gravitation and conversing in a cosmic network with "today's spiritual network".

The future human beings know that soon there will be contact to other civilisations, because they know how to look into the network of the cosmic civilisation consisting of galaxy quantities of the Milky Way, the length of telepathy is infinite compared to the broad band of each individual, the future human being can make his or her own hologram with a "light copy" of his of her person and send this copy off to other planets, tele-transportation of one's own "copy". New Age is the "herald" for a gradual human understanding of this. Fortunately development flows in slow-motion, everything in the right order and succession for us as human beings to be prepared to understand. It is not coming easily to us; if we cannot accept to believe in the law of karma we have made the choice of being a piece of this huge, divine jig saw puzzle.

Soon we shall hear about everything that the future kids have to tell us, we, the "old" clairvoyants. I know about a lot of such kids, and many persons have difficulties in handling this rare situation. NOTHING is wrong with these little wonder-kids, and I do hope that some day somebody will make a television show named "Star kids" and with open minds listen to what they have to tell us. They can learn us a lot.

The future human beings are already here on Earth. Their consciousness is completely open to cosmos and they "shoot" all the streams of images they need. They are everywhere, and their light oscillations are clearly felt, their happy and positive, strong , and clever energy. They are conscious about their abilities - today called ESP-abilities. They are capable of creating the most wonderful things, they do formulae and mathematics very quickly, they make sketches and drawings of future cities, new healing therapies, cosmic drugs, and space technology, talk about photo-synthesis and light energies, juggle with atoms, plutonium, leptons, kvarker (???), gluons, etc, they can scan microscopically through substance and anti-substance in a new, scientific way. The world is about to see that these kids are slowly being integrated in a global plan from all countries and all regions. They converse each other telepathically and will bring the world together in love and with new science, so that everybody can recover and will not have to go to bed hungry. They work is criss-crossing borders, and they spread and exchange their wisdom with no reason for anxiety, because these future kids have a telepathic, cosmic knowledge for everybody to use, and that is why the future human beings can also work together with the same means in order to obtain the same goals.

They can be seen everywhere. Thanks to the New Age and to the TV2 Zulu television shows, spiritual books, workshops, courses, etc. this small group of people will be increasingly understood and respected, because their knowledge can be constructively used for the benefit of everybody on Earth.

We live in times where everybody have the possibility of developing healing and clairvoyant abilities. In a hundred years it will be coded in our pineal gland, our crystalline cells will also grow, and we are going to be much more "radiant". Clairvoyance is going to be used as quite a common thing in our every day life, and possibly that is the prospective when nowadays we see and hear so much about spiritual things today.

Ulla Runchel
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