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Wink Today I am into the CrystalBlue.....

The Three Dimensional World

How subtle life is! I am sitting here in the Mijas Mountains in southern Spain overlooking the sea and the mountains, and my sight flows up to the ceiling of the skies covered with the most beautiful stars twinkling to humanity. They want to tell us here on Earth so much. I wonder how many live out there in cosmos - are they like us? Do they have cars? Are they sitting out there living in their little homes looking at our little planet twinkling like a star and wondering the way I do? Do they have three suns or only one? My sight becomes three-dimensional - like a photograph exposed three times in one. Our universe could in fact be like that. Or there could be many more impossible to see with the naked eye. I look around.

The world of the devaers is a unique universe with elves, gnomes, trolls, butterflies, flowers, water lilies, forget-me-nots, fairies, and a lot of other light energies moving in a very highly oscillating, luminous, emission of light in very high sinus notes in the most beautiful colour scales; they sound and vibrate, and send impulses to each other in a very special sea of light which is incredibly beautiful. I also see many, many heavenly hosts surrounding humanity these days, the great cherubs and arch angles flying around in the Earth sphere having done so for centuries with a luminosity from above in order to send messages of light and love - these dimension oscillations can be seen in 3-D sights, if the eye is trained enough, and it is also possible to elevate the sight and flow into the universe, and if the broad band of consciousness can reach far enough to flow into other dimensions and see what other planets are made of, if they are inhabited, and how they look.

We are going to be able to use our sight in a three-dimensional way - just look at paintings which in future will be made in 3-D. The clairvoyants of the future will also be able to "take out" three-dimensional pictures for themselves, i.e. they will automatically flow father out in cosmos again and again describing what is going on out there. Individually they will take out a unique knowledge for humanity. The individual will remain on the "spiritual level", and what is happening and will happen in life from beginning till end will also be seen, as well as auras and vibrations - only it will take place at another refined level, and it will always be possible to "go back" and use the know-how - exactly like starting in school in grade 1 and ending at college. In the same way it is possible to develop one's sight, the "third eye", in the centre of the forehead, the pineal gland, which receives these three-dimensional streams of images taken out by one self. The ability of this unique diamond is placed deep in the centre of the pineal gland, is receiving from and transmitting to the universe. It is exposing everything taken out by the consciousness.

The hypophysis, the hypothalamus, and the pineal gland are a 3-D trilogy, where this centre of the three-dimensional pyramid must be without blocks, and when it is unknown knowledge can be attracted and stored in the intelligence.

Now I look at Venus, Sirius, the constellation of the Swan, where a WHITE hole can be seen. "Black" holes of the universe are known, and science has now acknowledged their existence. For hundreds of billions of years they have been there with entrances to other universes - what we call other dimensions, where I see all the black holes spread around in the walls of the universe (i.e. our own universe) (imagine a huge balloon with the interior walls covered with big, round, black dots). Exactly in the centre of this light is flowing in and out again on the "other" side - light has broken through to new universes in the absolute zero point, where the beam of light splits. The WHITE HOLES could be petrified light "of the substance", having swallowed the black holes. Black light might be compressed gravity waves in vacuum of the gravitation of the X-ray beam., etc.

So one is going places when consciousness is wandering in the huge universe - to which we also belong - Earth, human beings, animals, birds, etc. So the three-dimensional sight may be doubled or tripled - this will be for everybody to do in future.

All this is happening at the same "time" - my writing has taken 30 minutes of silence, with my consciousness at work making this small essay. The sky is covered with big mountain devaers silently lying and smiling to us here in southern Spain, protecting us and sending good energies to animals and devaers on Earth. The work of the angles is mingled with that work, and a cosmic symphony in the most beautiful streams of colours are flowing through me. I enjoy it and turn my sight upwards again sending a big thank you, praying for peace on Earth once again.

"Do not lead us into temptation - do not lead us to war - do not lead us into illness - do not lead us into helplessness - do not lead us into poverty - relief us from all evil, as yours is the Kingdom, in love - Amen."

Have a real good and loving day. Remember you are not alone, we are one big family, if we want to. It is up to the individual to believe or not.

Ulla Runchel

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