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3 AM? I actually have several connections to 3 AM.

25 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son, I would wake up exactly at 3:17. The same every night. When Doug was born, he was born at 3:17 am.

My sleep patterns pretty much returned to "normal" until I started waking up at 3:15 am...and it was my first clue that I was pregnant again. For 9 months, I woke up every morning at 3:15 until my second son was born. His birth cert. gives the time at 3:10 in the afternoon.

From then till about 5 or 6 years ago, my sleep patterns became pretty normal and yes, very very deep. But there have been times that I would wake at 3am feeling like I was meant to "see something". It would happen for several days in a row...and then end. I did notice that when that would happen, there would be others that I considered "spiritual friends" who would also be waking at that time. There were 3 or 4 people I could call and they would be experiencing it as well.

I don't experience it now, in fact I am just the opposite. I have some called RLS which affects my sleep patterns. It seems to come "in waves" but when I am having a difficult is usually 2 or 3 till I can get to sleep. I also work alot of evenings till midnight, so 3 am has become a fairly regular bedtime for me.

Interesting question

I usually have not been really good at remembering my dreams, even with all the tips people have suggested over the years. I can usually remember just little snippets..and it is is usually where I am telling myself to "remember this when I am awake" It seems to me that I know I am dreaming and will remember when I tell myself to, but it rarely is the whole dream.

The past couple of weeks, what I can remember has all been about the same thing. New Energies and how they are manifesting and affecting me and those around me. The imagary is the same every time. There is a baby (about 9-10 months old) that I am taking care of and many of the scenarios seem to revolve around her. The one I remember the most is that I am trying to give her a bath and she keeps "creating new clothes for herself" while in the bathtub. I take the wet clothes off to put her back in the tub and poof she is suddenly dressed again...and the new outfit is all wet. And this keeps going. I experience a bit of frustration as I keep trying to bath her but the main emotion is humor. It is like a game for her. I have had this reoccur several times now.

The other reoccuring theme that I have told myself to remember are discussions with some of the people in the chatroom discussing energy changes and keeping eachother positive. This has been really strong the past couple of nights.
Although we are in the chatroom, we are also "present with eachother". Like we are in the same room but typing to eachother rather than speaking.

Interesting too, that has been something we have been discussing in chat as well~~connections to each other and how we must let go of our illusion of separation from eachother and Spirit.

It's all about the Joy you know

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