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Now I have a question for you two, and everyone else... Has anyone noticed that their sleep is sooo deep over the past 18mos - 2 years. My sleep patterns are so deep that I just know I'm not in my bed. I rarely remember anything from my sleep and when I do, it's definately out of the ordinary kind of dream. I have come to realize or summize that I'm out somewhere learning something, but have not a clue where or what!!!


It is only opr. 2 week ago I have a friend visiting my house from Denmark in 4 days, she is awake 3 times every night, exactly 03.00 the first time and every hour untill she wakes up in the morning.

And my 2 small dogs is also awake a exactly that time. And they do so much noise and wan to go out in the garden, thaht bettin couldent sleep.

AND I was inn a deeb, deeb , deeb sleep I havent heard nothing.

So it is funny you asked , just abbout this, it seems we again world wide, is into somekind of the same , what shall I call it, conciouesnes or wisdom etc,

For 10-12 years ago untill 2 years ago, I was and many spiritual people was awake exactly AT 03.00 OCLOCK IN THE MORNING. We were a huge group down here on Costa del Sol, and I ask allways when I do talks, how many there was awake, and what there expiriences was.

And we have allways such a good long eveening, I love those days.......many are mooving arround the world . And Shirleys books was all over, all was reading out of a limb, and they just LOVED the book. Shirley was on everys leaps, we loved here , she was allways menagened when we was together, I have to say it here, that she really did do a HUGE help through here book, thath many find themselfes into a balance through what she writing abbot, because the people could relate a lot whats she describe, and they do read here book now again, and again. In denmark and Spain, the people LOVE here very, very much.

In those days, we were very into the spirituallyties evryone, we talk, dream and thinking , spiritual all the time it was SO intence, that we have a special vibrations as lightbeeings, becuse we have to learn so much in avery short "earthtime", many people came from many places of the world, to do workshops here, and we was one big huge spiritual famely.

And we was "out in the space" in the night and have the wake-up call 03.00, and I remembert where I have been and I was drawing and drawing, what my pensum was and I was writing my books then.

Now we are coming into the core of the wisdom, and we are starting again on a new 7 years up into the cosmic spiral, I can feel something is pushing mee in the bag, that I HAVE to write again and do drawings.

So why you, I or maybee others are in a DEEB sleep, could bee we are in a "vacum" kind of state, where we are getting ready to start a new episode to continue our cosmic job.

Bettina said to mee : An earthquke could happen, and you wouldent here it!!!.

So deeb is my sleep, and I was just thinking abbout fore some weeks ago.

Syncronicity, yes I belive in that LifeStudent, and I belive we have some thing to share here on the EB, and I will read all the treads , again there is allways some hologram to each of us- we now nothing is coincidense.

Godmorning my dearest friend, I will keep in touch I have more to share, I shal pick-up another friend from Denmark today- uhhhh it has been a bussy month.

Love and light and have a good sleep ha-ha.

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