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Talking Ulla/Jade

Originally Posted by ULLA RUNCHEL
Dear L.S and Jade
...But there is something moore I will ask you abbout , have you in the last 5-6 10 years look just afront of our eyes like rainbow color like, jumping like it is inside and outside the eye, like it is some kind of cosmic dna, kind of new infomation again, again.

Yes, I do see the colored prisms. I have seen them for about 10 years. I had my eyes checked just after the birth of my daughter because I thought I was having eye pressure problems. But the doctor said that there was nothing wrong and it just may be how I am wired! How's that for a medical explanation!! I see them at night sometimes and outside in nature. I have noticed that I see it more around trees and forests rather than oceans. It is not very intense, but the colors are there enough for me to notice them.

Originally Posted by Jade
Another thing I have noticed the past few years. Sometimes at night, as I am falling asleep, I will see a bright white light glowing...behind my closed eyelids..sometimes it reminds me of someone with a someone is searching in the darkness with a small beacon of light. Other times, the light will fill my field of vision. The light is always very comforting to me as I fall asleep...washing over me like ocean waves

Ok, Jade, now you're freaking me out! hahaaa This just happened a couple weeks ago and I dismissed it in the 'I don't know, I can't explain it' files!! I was in bed and the bright light was so bright, I thought my daughter had put my bedroom light on. So, I opened my eyes, still totally dark, no lights anywhere. I just went back to sleep!! But I do know what you mean about balls of light. I just always assumed it were souls from the other side and I was in an alpha/theta brainwave state which in hypnosis, that is where you want to be which allows you to see past lives, souls and the other side.

Interesting how things can happen to us individually and we just assume that it happens to others!! It's what makes this site and people's sharing so special.

Now I have a question for you two, and everyone else... Has anyone noticed that their sleep is sooo deep over the past 18mos - 2 years. My sleep patterns are so deep that I just know I'm not in my bed. I rarely remember anything from my sleep and when I do, it's definately out of the ordinary kind of dream. I have come to realize or summize that I'm out somewhere learning something, but have not a clue where or what!!!

Love to you both
Love & Light


"Down through the shadows of millions of
yesterdays flow the waters of life everlasting."
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