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Hi LS and Ulla

I am about halfway through the book. I was also struck on the energies of the Celeste blue color. I don't have any celestite...but work alot with Angelite...which feels similiar in color (not quite~~but almost). I liked the idea of surrounding yourself with celeste blue light energy before going to sleep.
Did that last night...and then had to giggle to myself this morning as I checked the boards this Look around you...and the predom. colors of the site~~~giggle.

It was one of those "hand to forehead moments. When Brit and Shirley talked about the new changes on the site, they talked about design and colors and energies the changes would bring in relating to feng shui etc...
I have been sensing many new energies..subtle but yet again very powerful coming in since the site changes. Perhaps...and this is just a perhaps...some of the various "things" we have been experiencing here are tied into the new color energies etc...of our little virtual oasis. made me giggle.

Just a rainy Monday morning ponder...

It's all about the Joy you know

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