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Originally Posted by ULLA RUNCHEL
Dear LifeStudent

I would like to here how you are working , and how your have expiriences with the crystals, as you know I have built an PDT machine, as I have give to Hector the brain doctor I worked with.

The Colors, sounds and light through crystals, can do many warvelous work, with PDT and with use of our own power of the mind, through crystals, but you know that LS.

Hi Ulla,

Sorry it took so long to respond!

I have a private healing practice in the Northeastern part of USA. My practice mostly encompasses hypnotherapy, massage and energy work. All of which I use crystals together with each modality. I have worked with crystals for over 20 years and they continue to amaze me the more I work with them. I 'use' the energy and colors of each stone to change, what I feel, are vibrations to peoples energy field and body. I try to encourage all my clients to focus on the power within using their stones as a starting point to go further in their own healing and balance. I mostly do what comes by instinct and memories I have from past lives and what I feel are guides that assist me. Other books that are available I also use, but only as a base foundation if I feel they are needed. My instinctual feelings are what have final choice.

In hypnosis, I use gemstones and quartz crystals as amplifiers and holders of energy work that has been done in my office, allowing my client to leave my office with the stones 'charged' for further use in their own space. In massage, I use stones for chakra balancing, amplifiers and general healing. Also, allowing client to leave with 'energized' stones. The energy healing part of my business I use stones and their vibrations in many ways, which also include distance work, in office clients and in self. I use stones and their vibrations in my personal life each and everyday, whether it is a color, feeling or overall intent of something.

I also do think many here have worked with each other with crystals, stones and other vibrational healing modes together in many lifetimes also! I would really love to hear more about your PDT and your work with crystals. One thing I do find interesting about your writings and work is that you use the term celeste blue a lot. I use Celestite stones quite frequently in my work and love their galactic blue healing energy. It sounds like wonderful work that you do and I would love to hear more about it.
Love & Light


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