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Originally Posted by Buddhas2
I am very interested in your book and want to order a copy for myself. I am just starting to learn about crystals and how to work with them. What is the best way to be aquainted with the crystals and their energy? I think there are many books that give the qualities that each crystal has, but I feel that the crystals work depending on where your consciousness is, and that it's different for everybody. I know this is a general question, but I would appreciate any suggestions


Dear Cristina

The Crystals is like a component, you can use them to heal your self and others, it is a fantastic instrument for example with useing through the power of the mind, where the healing energy flow through the crown chakra and the crystal you have in your hand, will be an instrument to catch the healing stream and catalysize it , into the person you heal- could also bee yourself.

A crystal have a fantastic component to recive and sending bioenergetic energy foreward, with colors from the power of you mind.

Think on a red color and send it through the crystal, look at the crystal and see how the quartz-crystal slowly beginning to bee red- it is the color there will eliminate deeb inside the body. Colors have multiple healing power if you use it through the quartz-crystals.

The blue color is supposed to be good for the throat chakra, it is really true. I saw how the infra blue color lubricated my throat inside with blue serum from the crystals. The color also calmed me and influenced my shyness, that was new to me. It could assemble and heal the lose cells of the brain structure, so that you were not running around like half a person . The support in the neck had a special infra blue light radiation which I felt was supposed to re-establish the balance and the coordination in the two small glands in the back of the head.
I followed the blue stream of energy. I noticed how soft the spiral energy worked here, how the light pulled out the tired energies, and how the negative energies were re-established positively. The energetic cooperation was amazing, everything worked together to heal the person.
If you were lying in the blue color, you could flow up to the blue planet where the seven sisters live. They are very engaged in the Christ-blue color, and have the same electrifying, blue crystals on their planets that were hanging on all the walls here..................................U.R.

Love and light
Ulla Runchel
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