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Default Thank You, LS

Dear LifeStudent

Thank you, LS I am very happy you like the book, I am sure you could have write some of it, I feel we here on SM are one big famely, that we have so much to share, it is a wonderfull chattroom, I would like to here how you are working , and how your have expiriences with the crystals, as you know I have built an PDT machine, as I have give to Hector the brain doctor I worked with.

The Colors, sounds and light through crystals, can do many warvelous work, with PDT and with use of our own power of the mind, through crystals, but you know that LS.

I really hope we can bee a group here from this chatt, that I can be together with when I go to USA, I really want to meet you all. To share physycally our diferences wisdom, couldent it bee wonderfull, for all of us.

Have a nice day, LS may the sun lighten up your soul, with stardust from The Crystal Universe, wich we all have been somelifetimes together, the heart energy is so lovely up there.

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