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Thumbs up The Crystal Universe by Ulla Runchel

Hi everyone. I have to say that I just finished Ulla Runchel's book, The Crystal Universe, and I highly recommend it to all that are here.


Your book, The Crystal Universe, is remarkable. I received it the other day and breezed through it. It was a great read. I highly suggest it to all. It is very insightful and was described wonderfully. I felt like I was there with you, your friend and the 'nine'. Many parts of the book hit a feeling of familiarity and comfort with me. Some of your descriptions have even been described to me by clients of mine during past life regressions / life between lives regression. Your words will stay in my heart and my visions.

I have worked with crystals for over 20 years and feel your experiences and insights are both scientific and metaphysically sound. I actually look forward to re-reading your book again!!

Thank you for such an important book.
Love & Light


"Down through the shadows of millions of
yesterdays flow the waters of life everlasting."
The Eternals
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