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Default Re: The new sexuality


Oh,honey,I love the way you write. I've been an old fashioned prude all of my life. LOL It's just the way I am. I always sensed the sacredness of relationships, that transcendent power of love you talked about. I just want to tell these teenagers too about the energy exchange, the power to change your life, the giving and taking in relationships and the balance necessary and not this shallow business I see on TV where love isn't even part of the equation. It's all about T & A and it just saddens me. I am a fool for love.

I'd like society to reach a level of awareness too where it's not taboo to be gay or anything, but mainly to honor the love we find. Ready for it to be so ho-hum about it all. But I see why I went the route I did in terms of karmic lessons. Never made any sense to me why I've been so afraid of my family's judgments. The past life stuff put it into perspective (and Craig channeled some interesting stuff which made so much sense now) and also that sense of privacy. I won't be dragging them to any parades (which bore me now but was fun in my 20's because it was such a new world of experiences--some funny, some interesing, some scary!!) But darling, you would have made a grand Master of Ceremonies. Oh, the party we could have had 15 years ago. LOLOL

Love your honesty. Love your wisdom. Love your love.


'In silence, sacred silence, we stand naked like trees in winter, all our secrets visible under our skin. And like winter's tree, we appear dead but are yet alive'--Joan Halifax
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