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Default The new sexuality

Hi Sandy

I wish we'd connected at Ojo, but spirit knows what we need better than we do I guess. This time wasn't necessary, but I wanted to say how totally I agree with this post of yours which puts so articulately and clearly my own feelings on this subject. Similar stuff has been coming to me.

I also feel I've become something of a prude. Gone is the willing participant of my youth. Try anything once, twice if I liked it...yeah let's have a look at your S & M pictures, oh ok tie me up if you must...menage a trois? Why not! Hey, I'm a modern girl. Slowly the offence to the Goddess within became unignorable. Bang! Long period of celibacy while I figured out why pornography outraged me so and 15-partner-a-night 'gay' boys. It was like a disgrace to something sacred. Sacrilege.

Now I feel 'each to their own', but watching Lynn's 15 year old contemplate her first sexual excursions, it's hard not to want to warn her of how deep that energy exchange is, how damaging it can be and how transcendant it can be with a little patience. Maybe I'll find a way...

Meanwhile thank you for reassuring me that my resistance to labels of any kind is perfectly logical!

Love an Light

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