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Default Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing

Hello Veronica,

Everything you said makes perfect sense to me. Yes, I have felt throughout my life the exact same way, I even wondered if I should become a nun. Recently within the past 5 years everytime I tried to lable myself, which I really wanted to do just to feel somewhat normal, my spirit wouldn't let me. I'm still in confusion over this. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I can see many different people, I even shape shift into many animals and my face takes on those characteristics. Something is going on with me that I cannot explain, but I know that if I'm patient, one of these days spirit will give me an explanation. I let you know if any revelations come to me. Thank you so much for your wonderful post I can still feel the healing today. Lots of Hugs to you.
Love and Light,

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